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Awnings & Sun Blind Fabrics : Canvas

Awnings & Sun Blinds

The Platinum Plus range has been developed with a new technology sliver protective coating that can be used on either the top-side or under-side of the awning. This Silver coating has been adapted from the mineral Mica – which offers inherent heat and mildew resistant properties. A similar concept has been used extensively in electrical products such as toasters and microwaves, as well as industrial mining equipment where extreme heat resistance is required.

This new WCT textile coating technology works to effectively resist the heat and reduce the temperature from entering the windows in your home or building. Furthermore, the Platinum Plus range has been developed with a lighter weight durable polyester base canvas that makes it suitable for all types awning systems including fixed and folding arms. This fabric also naturally tightens when wet and reduces sagging and pooling in the rain.

The Addalong Platinum range is another supplementary selection and differs only by the backing colour to the Platinum Plus range. That is, the lighter weight base canvas is also used, except Platinum colours offers the customer the choice of having the same colour on the top and under side, and where the Silver Platinum Plus coating may not be preferred..

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Addalong Platinum Plus
Addalong Platinum Plus Awning
Addalong Platinum Plus Awning

Addalong Platinum Plus
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